How to get rid of bed bugs has been a question since the beginning of time. A simple search of the internet will give so many different opinions of how to get rid of bed bugs. My name is Dusty Showers. I own Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in Palm Harbor, Florida. I am not just some random keyboard cowboy giving recommendations on how to do something simply based on my internet research. No, my livelihood depends on knowing the exact product to use for every case we encounter, every day. 

Using the wrong product or a cheap product for a pest control control company can be quite expensive. Not only will you have an unsatisfied customer, treating a bug issue incorrectly means you will have a “callback”…or in other words, having to go back and do it again. And while you have to pay for the chemical application, you also have to pay the technician to go back out…as well as the fuel and wear and tear on your truck. This is why it is so critical to use the right product. 

Why Would I Share Our Bed Bug Treatment Secret With You?

I feel horrible hearing all of the stories of people that have spent hundreds of dollars on products that were referred to them on the internet. It is insane reading the suggestions from people. Most of the recommendations are to use boric acid…regardless of the issue, the answer is boric acid. While boric acid is effect in certain applications, it is not by any means, the end all, be all answer to bug issues, especially bed bugs.

Adult and droppings
Adult and droppings

Many people think there is a grand conspiracy of pest control companies grossly overcharging people to put out expensive insecticide when according to the internet keyboard cowboys, all you need to do is put out “Diatomaceous earth”, “ammonia”, “mothballs”, “peppermint” or many of the other countless and worthless solutions to bug and rodent issues. 

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Safely

Trust me, if we could get by using a cheap and “non-toxic pesticide” we would be all over it! Keep in mind too, many things like ammonia and mothballs are actually quite toxic…and geez, by definition, using a “non-toxic” pesticide will not kill anything…because it is non-toxic! But we often confuse “non-toxic” with “natural”. People LOVE to talk about natural pesticides and how wonderful they are, however, many, many pesticides are “natural”, often derived from tobacco plants and the chrysanthemum. 

As professionals, we have the advantage of making an educated choice of effective products. But just because we get the pick of the litter with choice of products, it still does not mean that just because the product says it will work means that it will actually work. Or, it may kill many bugs…but not all bugs. 

Humans have tried for centuries to get rid of bed bugs; and bed bugs keep on outsmarting us. The media likes to call them “Super Bugs”. Super bugs happen when certain bugs become immune to insecticides. Here is how it happens…say you have 100 bed bugs in a bed. The bed bugs are treated with ABC insecticide and it does pretty well, it kills 80% of the bugs. But for some reason, these remaining bugs seems to have some trait that makes the insecticide powerless to the bugs.

Now, the remaining 20 bed bugs now have babies and pass the immunity trait on to the babies. Those babies scoff at the exterminator when they continue to reapply the pesticide. Both homeowner and exterminator are frustrated. 

But fear not! There is an answer, at least for now. Crossfire is what we use for bed bugs. It is the ONLY thing we use for bed bugs. We use it because it is easy to apply…and most importantly, it works. 

Pump Sprayer
Pump sprayer for bed bugs.

Even to me, it seems too good to be true because it is also one of the VERY few products that we can actually consider “safe”. “Safe” is a tricky word in pest control and we normally try to avoid referring to a product as “safe”. 

Pesticides and many household cleaners and signal words. Signal words are word printed on a product’s label that tells the general toxicity of a product. Typically, they are “caution”, “warning” and “danger”. What is so awesome is that Crossfire has NONE of these signal words! According to the label, you can safely apply Crossfire to floors, walls, furniture and mattresses and not worry about the dangers that may come from using other products. 

I am very involved in the breast cancer community. My wife is a cancer researcher. We have five daughters, two dogs and I rescue dogs…this means we don’t just use anything in our home. We use the same products in our home that we use in our customers. 

I get it; you are probably wondering why I am telling you this…if it works so well, why would I divulge our secret? There are two reasons; many of the people that get bed bugs cannot afford to pay the $1000-$2000 to have homes professionally treated for bed bugs. The stories are sad, we hear them all of the time. People cannot afford treatment so they buy product and after product online. They listed to every schuck on the internet that has never done a day of professional pest control offering all sorts of products that will never come near eliminating bed bugs. Sometimes, they spend nearly just as much on products than what an actually professional bed bug treatment would cost. If only they knew about Crossfire, they could have saved hundreds of dollars.

My second reason for telling you is a bit less altruistic. I live in the Tampa Bay Area and typically only service Pinellas County (Which is not even Tampa!). Odds are, you do not live anywhere around here and you never would have hired my company to get rid of your bed bugs anyway…so why not share the secret with you and hope that you will buy your Crossfire from my Amazon link. 

Sure, you get lots of advice on pest control products online but how can you trust anyone, including me? For one, you can see who I am. Watch my Youtube channel. Look at my company website (and see our guarantee) and look at my company’s Google Reviews from are actual customers. I’ll even go one step further…you can call my personal cell phone for my PROFESSIONAL ADVICE on treating your specific problem. No, there is no sales pitch. I am just willing to help if you need it. My personal cell phone number is 727-488-5657.

I’m comfortable giving you my personal cell number because I know that Crossfire is simple enough for anyone to use and that is will absolutely get rid of all of your bed bugs!

BUT it is very important that you hear this; Crossfire will kill nearly all of your bed bugs in less than a week. It has a residual that can last up to a year. That means that if you bring home more bed bugs, Crossfire will continue to kill them for up to a year, that does not happen with professional heat treatments. But here is the “but” part…while Crossfire will kill nearly everything in less than a week, some people report seeing 1,2 or 3 bed bugs a month or two later…this is completely normal and does not mean that the treatment does not work. A few bugs will either evade treatment or be a new guy from the original outside source. Bed bug colonies will “dwindle down” and this is simply the “hold-outs” and they will soon disappear. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself

Treating bed bugs with Crossfire is as easy as mixing Crossfire in a 1-2 gallon plastic pump sprayer with water. Pour the entire 13 oz. bottle of Crossfire into 115 oz of water (13 oz short of a gallon). This will make exactly one gallon of Crossfire that is ready to SAFELY kill all of your bed bugs 🙂

Treat everything you can, especially your mattress…yes, your mattress. Crossfire is safe for you to treat your entire home! But also make sure you hit every little crack and crevice too, bed bugs love to hide. This means your bed frame, your mattress seams, baseboards and around light sockets too. You may have witnessed bed bugs climbing walls! Bed bugs love to climb walls and cluster up by the ceiling so make sure you spray the walls. 

It is also recommended that you wash any laundry but keep in mind, anything you spray will kill bed bugs. So if you missed any laundry, just hit it with some Crossfire and dead bugs you will have!

Q & A

Q. Is it REALLY safe?

A. When used according to the label, Crossfire is considered a safe product for humans, not bed bugs 🙂

Q. Will it hurt my dog or cat?

A. No. When used according to the label, Crossfire is safe for your pets.

Q. If it is so easy to use, why do pest control companies charge so much?

A. Pest control business have overhead, much of this is having to pay an employee to answer your calls and to send a technician to your home as well as paying for the truck to drive. Then there is insurance and not to mention the advertising that needs to be paid for so that people can find them…the list goes on and on and on…

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Dusty Showers has been in the urban nuisance wildlife and pest control field since 1993. Taught by Garon Fyffe, a pioneer in humane nuisance wildlife management, Dusty has a passion for finding humane solutions to human & wildlife conflicts. Dusty was the only individual invited by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission in the lat 1990's to help write legislation for legal protection of Florida bats. With an instinct for solving wildlife, Dusty found pest control to be an easy "add-on interest". Dusty started his first business "Animal Instincts Wildlife & Pest Management" in the Tampa Bay, Florida area in 1995. Eventually selling Animal Instincts in 2002, Dusty went on to start Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in 2009, which he still owns and operates today in Palm Harbor, Florida.