Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. They can be very problematic and cause irritation and itchy marks on the skin if found around your living area. If by any unfortunate incident, you have them around you, you have no choice but to get rid of them. You cannot avoid or take this matter lightly. 

Bed bugs are shy creatures which usually make an appearance at night. It might be difficult to get rid of them but it’s definitely not impossible. Here we suggest some measures to deal with this issue using both chemical and non-chemical methods. In the end, we also discuss dealing with bed bugs when you are traveling as that is when this problem is really prominent, and you can run into them while changing hotels and using different bedrooms.

Make Up Your Mind

The first step that you need to do is erase all myths out of your head. The perceptions and beliefs that you cannot see them, and the most infamous one, that if you get them once in your bed you won’t ever be able to get rid of them. You cannot think about these myths during the process. Make up your mind to get rid of them and get working!

Find the headquarters

The first thing you need to do is to find the core area where they are residing. This will be their living space where there will be in a large majority. You have to locate the HQ! This can be inside the mattress, the sofa or the creaks and openings. The bed bugs are usually hidden in such areas.

The Cleaning Begins

Next you have to begin with the obvious, which is cleaning. Clean the core area along with the surrounding spaces. Clean your bedding, curtains, cushion covers in hot water. The items that cannot be cleaned with water, dry them on highest dryer setting, such as stuffed animals, shoes. Clean your mattress by scrubbing it. This will ensure that the bedbugs and especially their eggs will be gotten rid of so that they cannot make an appearance again. You also have to vacuum your room. After vacuuming, discard the plastic bag completely in a distant outdoor place. Finally, about the mattress, cover it with a tight seal so that the bed bugs even if they are left cannot come back. Have it cover the mattress for about a year because they feed on human blood. They will die on their own if they won’t be getting their food. If the quantity is too much and your mattress is badly infected, then you may have to get rid of it completely but still, that does not serve as the solution to the problem. You have to take care of the areas around it. Otherwise, when you will buy a new mattress, they will come back and infect it again. This can take up to weeks to a few months to completely get rid of the bugs. 

Consult the Experts

An expert method of doing is to hire a pest control professional to do the job. Since they are experienced and have solved the most complicated of cases, they will make every effort to perform the bed bug extermination. You can always do a cost comparison, is it better to hire a professional or to get rid of all the stuff and buy new furniture for your room; compare these two options and you will be able to make your decision. BUT keep in mind, I am the owner of a Florida pest control company and if you call us, we will come out, treat your home with Crossfire and it will cost hundreds of $$. Other companies can be quite a bit more!

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The Chemical Method [Safe]

All these methods account for non-chemical solutions to the problems. The ideal method is to use a combination of both methods. As mentioned earlier, no one method is successful for the complete prevention and eradication of bed bugs. After the dry non-chemical treatment, it’s now time to make use of the chemicals. 

Talking about chemically solving the problem, there are many pesticides that are recommended and confirmed by formal authorities of the USA. The problem with using chemicals to deal with bed bugs is that such products can be very harmful to humans as well. Therefore, you need to look for EPA registered pesticides. They are checked by the authorities to make sure they are effective and do not harm the user or the environment. Also, you need to read the instructions carefully so that you use the product in a proper manner. Using pesticides is better than using other measures such as foggers (bug bombs) because they are dangerous and can cause an explosion if used improperly. These pesticides can speed up the process. Among the pesticides that are widely used and recommended ones is Crossfire.

It is recommended that when you are out there buying pesticides, buy the latest formulas with the latest research because tee has been created over time and with a lot of effort to make the process faster and effective. Thus, Crossfire remains as one of the latest medicines in the field targeted especially for the bed bugs. Its specialty is having a dual action which means it combines a contract killer with a long-lasting chemically stable residual and delivers a knockdown of the bed bugs. It can handle both the size and population of the bed bugs very well. Crossfire is non-repellant and kills within 5 minutes of exposure. It’s also been proven effective against residuals of bed bugs and their eggs. It is the only pesticide which has a minimal harmful and toxic impact on humans. Still, it is recommended that you use it while wearing all kinds of safety measure like long sleeves, socks, shoes, mask and make sure that there is no contact or explore to your eyes or skin. Unnecessary exposure to these medicines can cause health problems for humans. Use the applied area again when it is fairly dry.

How to Use Crossfire

The method of using it is that you mix 13 ounces in 1 gallon of water. Do it in two parts, first pour half a gallon of water and the mixture, then after the mixture starts dissolving pour the other half. Make sure that the solution is well mixed and then you are ready to use it. You have to now apply Crossfire to cracks and crevices, like on or around baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, headboards, furniture, door and window frames, closets, beneath floor coverings, and the edges of the carpet. Spray it all across these areas. Keep on spraying until the targeted area is damp but do not make it wet. Have it on for some time and wait till they are dry to check the bed bugs and then use the spaces again.

Note: Read the product label and instructions to maximize the effective use and ensure safety. Its formula and speed with which it performs make it an ideal choice for treating homes and apartment.

Traveling with Bed Bugs

When you are traveling, it’s quite certain that you will be living off different hotel rooms and sitting spaces. Thus, the risk of having exposed to bed bugs is very high. Therefore, ensure while taking a room that it is empty of bed bugs. Ask the management to confirm it for you or else you will file a complaint. Check for countries that have the highest chance of having bed bugs and get to know if the country you are traveling to fall in the list or not. If you have an encounter with bed bugs during your trip, chances are that you will be carrying some to your home which will be an even bigger problem. Therefore, clean your luggage and items properly before bringing them back into the house after the trip.

These are some of the ways that we suggest to deal with bed bugs. Chemical or non-chemical, this process will take its due time and you will have to display a lot of patience. Finally, if the problem prevails or you see worsening of the condition, it is suggested that you consult an expert at the earliest. You will have to evacuate your space for a while and have the experts do the job for you.

EXACTLY What You Need

Seriously, there is no reason to complicate this and there is no reason to listen to anyone telling you it is complicated. It is as simple as getting Crossfire, treating your home and enjoying life without bed bugs!

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