“I love animals (especially opossums & pitbulls!), I own Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in Palm Harbor, Florida and I love to help you resolve your pest issues” 🙂

Dusty Showers has been in the urban nuisance wildlife and pest control field since 1993. Taught by Garon Fyffe, a pioneer in humane nuisance wildlife management, Dusty has a passion for finding humane solutions to human & wildlife conflicts.

Shortly after moving to Florida, Dusty was “taken under the wing” of The Florida Bat Conservancy. Mentored by Cyndi & George Marks and Sarah and Dr. William H. Kern, Dusty learned from the best about proper exclusion techniques for dealing with nuisance bat situations.

Dusty was the only individual invited by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission in the lat 1990’s to help write legislation for legal protection of Florida bats.

Just prior to the demolition of Tampa Stadium, better known as “The Old Sombrero” in 1999, Dusty was asked to consult on the removal of a massive bat colony that has lived in the stadium for years.

With an instinct for solving wildlife, Dusty found pest control to be an easy “add-on interest”.

Dusty started his first business “Animal Instincts Wildlife & Pest Management” in the Tampa Bay, Florida area in 1995. Eventually selling Animal Instincts in 2002, Dusty went on to start Creepy Creatures Termite and Pest Control in 2009, which he still owns and operates today in Palm Harbor, Florida.

You can follow Dusty on Youtube at Dusty Showers Pest Tips & Animal Rescues where he shares tips on dealing with animal and bug issues as well as sharing adventures or wildlife, dog and cat rescues!